About iPerceptive

Hello and a hearty welcome to you my fellow cybertraveler!
My name is Daniel Seeker and I'm the creator of iPerceptive. iPerceptive is a quotations website with a blog dedicated to mysticism and direct experience. The quest here at iPerceptive is to deliver experiences that shed light, impart wisdom and provide inspiration. All this is done for the fulfillment of you, the individual. iPerceptive has a unparalleled YouTube channel with unique features, and also original books written by me, your humble host. Hopefully all these features will add to the flavour of your journey towards insight, wisdom and direct experience.

The Purpose of iPerceptive

You may think to yourself, why do we need an additional quotations website on the internet. It's a perfectly plausible question to ask, since the web is crawling with countless of websites with millions of authors and quotes.
The three main reasons of why I undertook this mission to create my vision of a real quotations website is this.

  1. Authenticity
  2. Simplicity, and
  3. Experience

While being a fan of great writers and quotes in history, I slowly but surely found out for my self that a vast amount of the quotes attributed to different authors on the internet were misattributed. Even the major websites had a staggering amount of wrongly attributed quotes. This was the primary motivator for me to begin this project.

My second biggest motivator was that I noticed that many websites weren't that intuitive... They were filled with colorful images, advertisements and other random things, which I personally found to be unpleasant and distracting. I thought that the experience of reading quotations was being abused, and felt that if I would create a quotations website, I would do it so much better.

My third big motivator was that I noticed that while some websites were incredibly colorful, others were the exact opposite... They were kinda dull and plain with just text flowing through the entire page. Even though I prefer those text-only websites to the colorful ones, I still felt that something was missing. I hope that you agree with me that iPerceptive brings something new to the table! After all that is my task.
I cannot be complaining about other websites if mine looks exactly the same as theirs, but I truly believe that that is not the case!

I always strive to find sources for the quotes put up on iPerceptive, and also enjoy creating videos with beautiful accompanied music to make the experience even grander, and I feel that some picture and brief information/biography on the author would be great. I always try to mention notable books, essays and to include signatures by the authors, in order to make the experience more of a personal thing...

This is my goal and I hope that you agree with that! The mission of iPerceptive is to spread wisdom in its purest form.

Why the name iPerceptive?

I believe that wisdom and perception are very much linked and that seeing things as they truly are is the greatest achievement of the human mind.

As the great Spinoza once said!

"The highest activity a human being can attain is learning for understanding, because to understand is to be free."
Baruch Spinoza

All though the spread of wisdom is my goal with this website, the ultimate purpose is to make you more perceptive in your every day life.
What does that mean?
To be perceptive is to be able or to have the capacity of seeing things as they truly are. To be able to discern the truth from the false, the good from the bad.
Hence the name iPerceptive, and it is here at your service to provide you with some of the means of reaching this enlightened state of mind, and I hope you, as me frequently inspire, motivate and challenge yourself by immersing yourself into the thoughts of mankinds greatest thinkers!
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