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Christian Mysticism Quotes

Divinity is aimed at humanity.
Hildegard of Bingen (Quoted in Meditations with Hildegard of Bingen, 1983)
God is equally near in all creatures.
Meister Eckhart (Sermons - The Nearness of the Kingdom)
We are all strings in the concert of God's joy.
Jakob Böhme (Confessions - Chapter 14)
I welcome all the creatures of the world with grace.
Hildegard of Bingen (Quoted in Meditations with Hildegard of Bingen, 1983)
All things fail; but Thou, Lord of all, never failest!
St. Teresa of Avila
The whole Being of God is contained in God alone.
Meister Eckhart (Sermons - The Nearness of the Kingdom)
What you're looking for is where you're looking from.
St. Francis of Assisi

Simone Weil Quote: The beautiful is that which we cannot wish to change
The beautiful is that which we cannot wish to change.
Simone Weil (Gravity and Grace, 1942)
He who has learned to seek nothing but the will of God, shall always find what he seeks.
Jeanne Guyon (Spiritual Maxims - 53)
I, a mere female and fragile vessel, speak these things not from me but from a serene Light.
Hildegard of Bingen (Scivias)
If you could be silent from all willing and thinking for one hour, you would hear God's inexpressible words.
Jakob Böhme (The Way to Christ, 1622)
Tell me, what is that which is neither separated from God nor united to God, but which is inseparable from Him?
Jeanne Guyon (Spiritual Maxims - 56)
A human being is a vessel that God has built for himself and filled with his inspiration so that his works are perfected in it.
Hildegard of Bingen (Letter to Elisabeth of Schönau, 1152)
He who has a pure heart will never cease to pray; and he who will be constant in prayer, shall know what it is to have a pure heart.
Jeanne Guyon (Spiritual Maxims - 44)
When you move silently, then you are that which God was before nature and creature, out of which He created your nature and creature.
Jakob Böhme (The Way to Christ, 1622)
It is only by the death of self that the soul can enter into Divine Truth, and understand in part what is the light that shineth in darkness.
Jeanne Guyon (Spiritual Maxims - 14)
Above all our thought should be empty, waiting, not seeking anything, but ready to receive in its naked truth the object that is to penetrate it.
Simone Weil (Reflections on the Right Use of School Studies with a View to the Love of God, 1942)
The eye with which I see God is the same with which God sees me. My eye and God's eye is one eye, and one sight, and one knowledge, and one love.
Meister Eckhart (Sermons - True Hearing)
However quietly we speak, He is so near that He will hear us: we need no wings to go in search of Him but have only to find a place where we can be alone and look upon Him present within us.
St. Teresa of Avila
That which is perfectly pure can not be anything else but God present down here. If it was something else than God, it would not be pure. If God was not present, we would never be saved.
Simone Weil (Gravity and Grace, 1942)
Do not fear your death.
For when that moment arrives,I will draw my breath
and your soul will come to Me
like a needle to a magnet.
Mechthild of Magdeburg (The Flowing Light of the Godhead, 13th century)
It is the highest part of the attention only which makes contact with God, when prayer is intense and pure enough for such a contact to be established; but the whole attention is turned towards God
Simone Weil (Reflections on the Right Use of School Studies with a View to the Love of God, 1942)
Therefore sanctification is the best of all things, for it cleanses the soul, and illuminates the conscience, and kindles the heart, and wakens the spirit, and girds up the loins, and glorifies virtue and separates us from creatures, and unites us with God.
Meister Eckhart (Sermons - Sanctification)
The soul is satisfied now with nothing less than God. The pain is not bodily, but spiritual; though the body has its share in it, even a large one. It is a caressing of love so sweet which now takes place between the soul and God, that I pray God of his goodness to make him experience it who may think that I am lying.
St. Teresa of Avila
Let nothing disturb thee;
Let nothing dismay thee:
All thing pass;
God never changes.
Patience attains
All that it strives for.
He who has God
Finds he lacks nothing:
God alone suffice.
St. Teresa of Avila
A fish cannot drown in water,
A bird does not fall in air.
In the fire of creation,
gold does not vanish,
the fire brightens.
Each creature God made
must live in its own true nature,
how could I resist my nature,
that lives for oneness with God?
Mechthild of Magdeburg (The Flowing Light of the Godhead, 13th century)
The more that the soul receives of the Divine Nature, the more it grows like It, and the closer becomes its union with God. It may arrive at such an intimate union that God at last draws it to Himself altogether, so that there is no distinction left, in the soul's consciousness, between itself and God, though God still regards it as a creature.
Meister Eckhart (Sermons - The Self-Communication of God)
I, the fiery life of divine essence, am aflame beyond the beauty of the meadows. I gleam in the waters. I burn in the sun, moon, and stars. With every breeze, as with invisible life that contains everything, I awaken everything to life. I am the breeze that nurtures all things green. I encourage blossoms to flourish with ripening fruits. I am the rain coming from the dew that causes the grasses to laugh with the joy of life.
Hildegard of Bingen (Scivias, 1152)
The Transformation is recognized by the want of distinction between God and the Soul, it not being able any longer to separate itself from God; everything is equally God, because it has passed into its Original Source, is reunited to its ALL, and changed into Him. But it is enough for me to sketch the general outlines of what you desire to know; experience will teach you the rest, and having shown you what I ought to be to you, you may judge of what I am in our Lord.
Jeanne Guyon (Concise View of The Way To God; And of the State of Union)
I who am Divine am truly in you.
I can never be sundered from you:
However far we be parted,
never can we be separated.
I am in you and you are in Me.
We could not be any closer.
We two are fused into one,
poured into a single mould.
Thus, unwearied,
we shall remain
Mechthild of Magdeburg (The Flowing Light of the Godhead, 13th century)
Most High, all powerful, good Lord,
Yours are the praises, the glory, the honor,
and all blessing.
To You alone, Most High, do they belong,
and no man is worthy to mention Your name.
Be praised, my Lord, through all your creatures,
especially through my lord Brother Sun,
who brings the day; and you give light through him.
And he is beautiful and radiant in all his splendor!
Of you, Most High, he bears the likeness.
St. Francis of Assisi (The Canticle of the Sun, 13th century)
A Christian is he who lives in Christ, and in whom Christ's power is active. He must feel the divine fire of love burn in his heart. This fire is the Spirit of Christ, who continually crushes the head of the serpent, meaning the desires of the flesh. The flesh is governed by the will of the world; but the spiritual fire in man is kindled by the Spirit. He who wants to become a Christian must not boast and say: 'I am a Christian!' but he should desire to become one, and prepare all the conditions necessary that the Christ may live in him. Such a Christian will perhaps be hated and persecuted by the nominal Christians of his time; but he must bear his cross, and thereby he will become strong.
Jakob Böhme
How wonderful
is the wisdom
in the God-head's heart.
It is the heart that sees
the primordial eternity
of every creature.
When God gazes upon the countenance
of humankind,
the face that he moulded,
he contemplates this creation
in its entirety,
its totality in this human form.
How wonderful is this breath then,
this breath that awakened humankind.
Hildegard of Bingen (Symphonia Caelestium)

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A Seeker's Thoughts on Christian Mysticism
The defining characteristic of the “Christian mystics” was and is undeniably the power of their prayers, not that the Sufi mystics did not pray, oh dear lord did they pray. But the prayer of their Christian brethren and counterparts had in a subtle way a different quality to it. The words in the prayers were a little different; and the object of focus and of contemplation was distinctive too, though they in truth never differed one inch when it came right down to the mystical experience.

Furthermore their prayers had as expected the Christian language embedded into it, where the holy ghost, Jesus and the Father were the important key words, where as the mystics and poets of the Sufi school referred to their supreme deity as Allah, the Beloved or the Friend. They truly were madly in love with their own creator, and boy did their creator reward them with the wine of pure silence.

(excerpt from Who's Who in the Mystics Zoo)
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