The Search and the Discovery

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Did you find it?

Perhaps your search is of a different kind?

If so... stay a while and listen to this humble invitation.

Something within you wants to wake up, wake up to the unbroken truth of your own reality. Something else within you wants you to stay fast asleep, that is stumbling around in the mirage of the manifest world of names and forms.

We call this stumbling around, we call it "life" as a person. But you are not merely a person. A person is a conditioned state of mind, a person is a contraction of consciousness, something which cannot be what you are in your totality.

I find the word presence to be closer to what your original state truly is like, rather than person. For some unfathomably strange cosmic reason, the personal mode of consciousness happens to be what is dominating the paradigm of the majority of human beings.

Fortunately there is a way to wake up from this dream, waking up to your unconditioned state of perfect presence.

My quest, a fellow Seeker, and highest aspiration is to simply inspire and invite you into coming into full recognition of who and what you are. That is to point to that which is inherently within your consciousness. To humbly share the glimpse of that beauty and grace which is your essential nature...

If I can prove to be of any such service, I'll be quite happy with the project that is iPerceptive.

On iPerceptive you can begin your search and adventure, either by reading what I've written, or dive into the wisdom of the mystics, masters and sages in history or simply by contacting me personally..

Either way I wish you love, light and grace.