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Albert Camus
Franz Kafka
Henry David Thoreau
Julian of Norwich
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Explore the wisdom of history and empower your direct experience!
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Live more fully by diving deep into your own direct experience! What is mysticism and who are the mystics? Find out here at iPerceptive
Liberated: The Spiritual way of not giving a f*ck

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My name is Daniel Seeker and I'm the creator of iPerceptive. iPerceptive is a quotations website with a blog dedicated to mysticism and direct experience. The quest here at iPerceptive is to deliver experiences that shed light, impart wisdom and provide inspiration. All this is done for the fulfillment of you, the individual. iPerceptive has a unparalleled YouTube channel with unique features, and also original books written by me, your humble host. Hopefully all these features will add to the flavour of your journey towards insight, wisdom and direct experience.

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