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Are you looking to dive deep into the heart of existence?
If you are interested in mysticism and direct experience, you've come to the right place!
Here are the books I've written, Daniel Seeker, hopefully you'll like em!

They are all free to read!

Books on Direct Experience

Presence! Not Person...

Door of Direct Experience


Live more as presence and less as a person!
Therefore here are a handful of meditative insights on why living as person is quite nutrient deficient from a spiritual and existential point of view, while living as presence is superbly. supremely, infinitely, vastly much more healthy in all aspects of life imaginable.
The door of direct experience will attempt to function as a sober tool for you the earnest individual who wants to empower your life thoroughly. Though not empower in the same way and not through the same medium and attitude that the traditional self-help books usually do nowadays, but rather through a radical approach. Do you sometimes feel disconnected with reality? Do you feel like your living a life indirectly, which means that you aren't fully present in each moment? Do you have a longing to reach a full existential fulfilment, which include the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual? Here are 12 powerful and dynamic paths to achieve direct experience.




Books on Mysticism

Who's Who in the Mystics Zoo

Nirvanic Insights

Contemplations of a Mystic

The book is an humorous adventure that explores topics such as mysticism, enlightenment, waking up and truth. In this short book, the famous enlightened hippo is your spiritual guide to the mystical experience. This was written for you, the earnest seeker for truth and full existential understanding. To you who is sufficiently open to new insights, you are welcome in participating in this adventure through what humanity has discovered to be great spiritual truths. In these contemplations about the nature of reality, god, love and consciousness we are presented with a great reverence and longing for the sublime. The author has been heavily inspired by the language that was used by various of the worlds mystics.




Who Am I?

Daniel Seeker is a name, I am not my name.

Daniel Seeker is just another fella living in a physical vessel exploring life with the delightful cards he was been dealt with, and while exploring he is also discovering more of the timeless Supreme as time goes by. (paradoxically)

As the timeless is being revealed to this Seeker fella, he also wishes others who are open to life, to empower their own direct experience and thus becoming self-illumined as he knows their source-being to be.

On a more casual note, my name is Daniel and I live in Sweden, and I recently made the decision to leave Amazon Kindle and make all my books FREE exclusively on iPerceptive, pleased to meet you!

If you feel like supporting me, you can "donate" to me by buying a paperback version of my books on Createspace, that would be awfully kind of you! :)