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Chanakya Quotes

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The fear of the phenomenal world is rid by the light of knowledge.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
In a fight between two equals, both are destroyed.
Chanakya (Arthashastra)
The task conceived of in the mind should not be divulged in words. The secret, guarded through code, should be deployed in action.
Even one with a fourfold army is destroyed if he is a slave of the senses.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
One should be impartial in judging cases.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
Every morning, the day's tasks should be planned.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
When children are good, homes are heaven.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
Modesty is the ornament of women.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
Prosperity forsakes even a lucky one, if he acts without foresight.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
Governance is possibly only with assistance. A single wheel does not move.
Chanakya (Arthashastra)
The soul witnesses everything.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
The rich are ever happy, the poor are ever sad, happiness and sorrow are divided among the rich and the poor.
A mother is the greatest teacher.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
It is not difficult for the rich to do good deeds.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
He who does not see action is blind.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
The childless do not attain heaven.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
Destiny has to be counteracted through favoring deeds.
The strong one tries to get what has not yet been attained.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
Like the seed, the fruit.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
A son should obey the father.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
All good qualities get hidden, by surrounding oneself with groups of fools, just as the sun is hidden by clouds.
Fortune follows effort.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
The unintelligent are equal to ghosts.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
Liberation is the remedy for all sorrows.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
Those who blindly believe in destiny do not achieve anything.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
Death is preferable to poverty.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
One who cannot control himself is consumed by his own anger.
One wheel does not move the vehicle.
Variant: A single wheel does not move.
Treading the right path is man's best medicine.
Chanakya (Chanakya Sutra)
As a single withered tree, if set aflame, causes a whole forest to burn, so does a rascal son destroy a whole family.
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Chanakya Biography
Chanakya portrait and quotes

Born: 370 BCE
Died: 283 BCE

Chanakya was a Indian political scientist and economist. He is mainly known for his writings, most notably Arthashastra. He is also known in the west as the "Indian Machiavelli".

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