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Joe Rogan Quotes

Every one wants to win the lottery but the lottery will fucking ruin you. You have to earn the whole thing.
Joe Rogan
I’m not scared of the woods.. I go out to the woods to learn something about myself.
Joe Rogan (Podcast 134 with Kevin Smith)
After this whole acting thing is over and done, you eventually have to be human. Some people are never human. It's very weird.
Joe Rogan
When you learn anything, you elevate everything.
Joe Rogan (Podcast 134 with Kevin Smith)
Have you ever talked to someone, and you're not even really talking to them? Actors are the worst for that.
Joe Rogan
You have to be flexible and pliable as the world falls apart all around you.
Joe Rogan (Podcast 143 with Mayhem Miller and Ryan Parsons)
We don’t really know what happened 10 000 years ago,
We don’t really know what happened 15 000 – 20 000 years ago,
And in the course of the universe or in the course of life in this planet, that’s a fucking blink of an eye…
Joe Rogan (Podcast 134 with Kevin Smith)
If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.
Joe Rogan
I don't care if you're gay, black, Chinese, straight. That means nothing to me. It's all an illusion.
Joe Rogan
100 percent of all haters are unrealized potential.
Joe Rogan
I had seen movies before that that had made me laugh, but I had never seen anything even remotely close to as funny as Richard Pryor was, just standing there talking.
Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Biography

Born: August 11, 1967

Joe Rogan is an American comedian, writer, martial artist, podcast genius and philosopher. He is best known as being a color commentator for the UFC and for hosting Fear Factor. Although his podcast is the source of his true wisdom.

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