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Description Life  
Barack Obama American President 1961
Top quotes by Barack Obama
Barbara de Angelis American Author and Lecturer 1951  
Baron d'Holbach French-German Philosopher and Author 1723 - 1789  
Baruch Spinoza Dutch Philosopher 1632 - 1677
Top quotes by Baruch Spinoza
Benjamin Disraeli British Statesman and Writer 1804 - 1881
Benjamin Franklin American Polymath 1706 - 1790
Bertrand Russell British Philosopher 1872 - 1970
Betty Friedan American Feminist Author and Activist 1921 - 2006  
Bias of Priene Greek Philosopher 6th Century  
Bill Cosby American Actor and Comedian 1937
Bill Gates American Businessman 1955
Blaise Pascal French Philosopher and Scientist 1623 - 1662
Bob Dylan American Musician and Poet 1941
Bob Marley Jamaican Musician 1945 - 1981
Top quotes by Bob Marley
Boethius Roman Philosopher 480 - 525
Booker T. Washington American Leader and Educator 1856 - 1915
Bram Stoker Irish Novelist and Writer 1847 - 1912  
Bruce Lee Chinese Martial Artist and Philosopher 1940 - 1973  
Buddha Spiritual Leader 563 BCE - 483 BCE
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