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Description Life  
Sam Harris
American Writer, Scientist and Philosopher 1967  
Samuel Ullman American Businessman and Poet 1840 - 1924  
Sappho Greek Poet 7-6th Century BCE  
Schopenhauer German Philosopher 1788 - 1860  
Sean O'Casey Irish Playwright and Dramatist 1880 - 1964  
Seneca Roman Philsopher, Statesman and Dramatist 4 BCE - 65 ACE  
Seneca the Elder Roman Writer and Rhetorician 54 BCE - 39 ACE  
Sigmund Freud Austrian Neurologist 1856 - 1939  
Simone Weil French philosopher and mystic 1909 - 1943  
Socrates Greek Philosopher 469 BCE - 399 BCE  
Sophia Loren Italian Actress 1934  
Sophocles Greek Writer 496 BCE - 405 BCE  
Soren Kierkegaard Danish Philosopher, Theologian and Writer 1813 - 1855  
Spinoza Dutch Philosopher 1632 - 1677  
Stephen Hawking English Physicist and Author 1942  
Stephen King American Author 1947  
Steve Jobs American Inventor and Entrepreneur 1955 - 2011  
Steven Pinker Canadian-American Psychologist and Scientist 1954  
Steven Weinberg American Physicist 1933  
Sun Tzu Chinese Philosopher and General 544 BCE - 496 BCE  
Suzanne Collins American Novelist 1961  
Swami Vivekananda Indian Philosopher 1863 - 1902  
Sydney J. Harris American Journalist and Essayist 1917 - 1986  
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