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L Authors

Description Life  
Lance Armstrong
American Athlete 1971  
Lance F. Lenahan
- -  
Langston Hughes
American Poet, Novelist and Writer 1902 - 1967  
Lao Tzu
Chinese Philosopher    
Larry Bird
American Athlete 1956  
Lee Iacocca
American Businessman 1924
Top quotes by Lee Iacocca
Leo Buscaglia
American Speaker and Author 1924 - 1998
Top quotes by Leo Buscaglia
Leo Tolstoy
Russian Novelist and Writer 1828 - 1910
Top quotes by Leo Tolstoy
Leon Trotsky
Russian Politician 1879 - 1940  
Leonardo da Vinci
Italian Polymath 1452 - 1519  
Les Brown
American Speaker and Author 1945  
Lewis Carroll
English Author and Mathematician 1832 - 1898  
Lily Tomlin
American Actress, Comedian and Writer 1939  
Logan Pearsall Smith
American Writer 1865 - 1946  
Louis L'Amour
American Author and Novelist 1908 - 1988  
Lucille Ball American Actress and Comedian 1911 - 1989  
Roman Poet and Philosopher 99 BCE - 55 BCE
Top quotes by Lucretius
Ludwig Feuerbach German Philosopher 1804 - 1872  

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Christian Mysticism
Rabindranath Tagore
Zen Proverbs
Khalil Gibran
Miyamoto Musashi
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